Wes’s Birth Story: C-section and NICU Baby

Jamison Wes Chaney II was born Friday, November 24, 2017… But before I talk about the best day of my life I need to go back a couple of days.

It was the week of Thanksgiving! I was ready to EAT! I was 37 weeks pregnant when I went in for my weekly OBGYN appointment. I shared with the doctor that I discovered a huge lump on the side of my neck. That lump is the start of my birth story! If you want to read how I found out, I had cancer at 37 weeks pregnant click here! But this post is NOT about cancer! It’s about the birth of my beautiful baby boy!!

Wednesday, November 22, we found out that my lump was something serious. The doctors decided to induce me. I specifically remember my doctor saying “hopefully we don’t have to induce you because that can be a LONG process for a new mom”. I did not want to be induced, but I couldn’t believe they were really going to start the process! I was so nervous, yet excited that soon we will get to meet our little boy.

2 days go by and barely any progress. I’ve had a million nurses come in and “check my cervix”. That was truly miserable. I remember thinking, “forget about the contractions, if one more person checks my cervix I might have to kill them!!” haha. But, seriously! After my morning nurse checked my freaking cervix (again) I was barley 3 centimeters! It had been 2 days! I told her that I NEEDED the epidural. Not because of the contractions but no one else was checking my DANG CERVIX without the epidural! She understood, and next thing I know the anesthesiologist was walking through the door. I began to freak out! Am I really about to get this scary epidural that everyone talks about?!!! YUP! It’s happening!! I told my husband not to look, make faces or make any noises that would freak me out! He stayed calm, thank God! haha It wasn’t painful or as scary as everyone says. The worst part was them telling me I have to bend over with a huge baby in my belly! Bending over at 37 weeks pregnant is NOT an easy task!

I laid down and everything slowly started to go numb. I noticed that my nurse started calling in other nurses to look at the monitor. They told me I need to lay on my side because the my baby “wasn’t happy”. His heart rate started to slow down. They put me on oxygen and kept rolling me from side to side. Eventually, the nurse hands me the phone and tells me the doctor wants to speak with me… The doctor tells me the baby is stressed out. He says that we can wait a little longer, or we can just have a C-section and my son will be out in 30 minutes… I decided to have the C-section.

As soon as I hung up with the doctor, not even 5 minutes later about 10 nurses walk into the room. They start prepping my husband and I before we go into the operating room. My family was in the room with us, we all said a prayer together, even the nurses joined in our prayer (which was awesome!). Then, they rolled me out of the room and we headed to the operating room.

If I didn’t say we were TERRIFIED I would be lying. We were pretty scared! We had no idea what to expect! I was not planning on having a C-section…My husband had to change over then he would meet me in the OR. As they pushed me through the doors of the OR, it was just like the movies. A bright white room with tons of people in scrubs working on me like a pit crew changing a tire. My body was trembling. My mom did tell me that the medicine they give me will make me shake, but she forgot to tell my poor husband that. He did not like seeing me shake! My intention is not to scare any future mommies! This was just our first baby and we were so scared of the unknown!

 As soon as they started the surgery I was telling myself “I can do all things through Christ!”, “I can do this and WILL get through it!”. Did I mention I was terrified?? Well I was! haha But I felt zero pain and the nurses and doctors were constantly making sure I was ok, and telling me every step they were doing. About 5 minutes into the surgery they told me “ok your going to feel some tugging and pulling” (which terrified me) but moments later I heard the most beautiful cries I’ve ever heard!! The nurse brought our baby to us, and I started bawling! I couldn’t believe how perfect he was! It was the most incredible moment of my life! I can’t believe God chose us to be the parents of this baby!! It was truly AMAZING!

My husband went with the nurse as they cleaned Wes up a little. I remember thinking HURRY up and get me out of here!! I was so ready to be out of the OR and back with my baby and family. The entire surgery was about 25 minutes! It was so fast!

They took Wes to give him his first bath and brought me to the recovery room. (THANK GOD I was out of Surgery!!!) I told my husband that he could go with the baby and leave me here to sleep. I was exhausted. About 30 minutes later they brought my baby boy to me! I was so freaking excited that I finally was going to be able to hold him! I also got to feed him! I LOVED absolutely everything about this moment. 

After about an hour in recovery, we headed back to my room where our families were. I am so thankful that both or our families dropped everything to be there for Jamison and I. My parents had a huge Thanksgiving party going on at their house. There was at least 20 people coming to their house for thanksgiving and they left everything to be by my side. Jamison’s family flew in that morning and made it to the hospital moments after baby Wes was born! We were so happy they were there. They were so excited to be able to hold their first grandchild on both sides!

My incision wasn’t hurting too bad. Just a constant annoying burn. They told me I would be walking by the next day?! I thought they were crazy! However, that first night I felt that I was bleeding. I told the nurse I needed to be “changed” (as if I was the baby) she said, “I can change you but you are going to have to walk to the bathroom”. So, I walked to the bathroom! With a lot of help from the nurse it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I do have to brag on my husband a little! He definitely took care of us that first night. I was not able to get out of bed without help, so every feeding time Jamison would get up, change the diaper, (which he had never changed a real diaper before!) then hand me Wes so I could feed him. After he was fed, Jamison would place the baby back in his bed…Well, it did not go that smoothly… We did not go in that order the first few nights! We had no clue what we were doing, so it was more like; feed baby, place baby down, baby would cry, rock baby, realize baby needs a diaper change, rock baby, FINALLY baby fell asleep…. 2 hours later, repeat! We didn’t care though, we were so happy we had our baby!

It was our 3rd day at the hospital. I mentioned to the nurses that when we would change Wes’s diaper his leg would shake, a lot. They said that was normal for babies, so we thought nothing of it. The nurse practitioner came to check on our baby and she noticed his leg shaking. She told us that sometimes that is a sign of low blood sugar. They checked his sugar and it was in the 20’s. They wanted his blood sugar to be at least 60. They told me to feed him and they would check again. When they checked again, it was in the 20’s. They told me they had to admit him into the NICU. I was devastated. What did I do wrong? I was breastfeeding! The healthiest thing you could do! I could not believe our beautiful baby boy was going to have to be in the NICU. 

At this point, I had 2 more days of recovering from the C-section, so every 3 hours I would get wheeled down to the NICU to feed my baby. I also was in the middle of finding out that I had thyroid cancer. My hormones were ALL over the place. My poor husband had never seen me cry so much. It was hard. It was so sad seeing our little baby attached to so many monitors and huge IV in his little hand. I was having a hard time not blaming myself. What was wrong with my breastmilk? How did I not know?

I just tried my hardest stay positive because we knew he was in the best hands. I prayed and thanked the Lord for giving the doctors wisdom to check his sugar before us going home. I knew the good lord was right by our side and watching over us.

After, 5 days in the NICU we get a call from the nurse saying bring your car seat! Wes is going home!! We couldn’t even believe it!! Jamison ran to the car and grabbed the car seat. I changed his little outfit, we hugged our nurses, and we RAN to the car!! We were so excited and thankful that we were actually going to bring home our baby boy!

We spent a total of 8 days in the hospital. I was a patient for 5 days, and for the rest we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. We were so thankful for the Ronald McDonald house! If you get a chance to donate to them, please do! It was such a blessing during our difficult time.

This was quite the experience! I wouldn’t change it for the world. I cannot wait until the day my husband and I get to tell our son the story of his birth! Such a special time for Mommy and Daddy! We love you Wes.


Can’t wait to do it all over again 😉 shhh don’t tell my husband!

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  1. What a beautiful story and to top it off I have the first cutest “grand-nephew” ever! Hmm, that made me sound kinda old. Charleen, I am so proud of the Mother you’ve become. Hats off to Daddy Jamison too. Enjoy every second as time flies. May God bless your little angel and guide you amazing parents through this blessed journey! I love you so much and can’t wait to meet the boys 💕 In the meantime, keep staying strong and those cute babies coming!

  2. Char,I’m glad you are doing this.of course you know MawMaw had to shed a few tears.You did great and we are so proud of you and thankful God brought you safely through it all.
    What can I say more about Wes?He is the most preciou beartiful and sweet baby.The only thing bad is not getting to see him growing up. I love all the pictures and videos of him.I’m praying for you,Jamison and Wes.Love to you all!

  3. Love this one too, I wasnt sure if I should cry or laugh with your “Dang Cervix” 😂😂that’s the worst part to be at the hospital……::
    You have become a great fighter and I’m proud of you and daddy Jamison!!!! Can’t wait to see that you guys and that handsome boy again!!! OMG my first “grand-nephew” 😱😱😱😱sounds like im getting old 😂😂😂 Love you sweetie!!! 😘😘😘😘

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