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Well my sweet baby boy, will be 4 months in 4 days! WHAT?! 4 months?! I cannot believe it has been 4 months. It definitely has been the craziest 4 months of my life. Now that you’ve read my birth story, and how I found out I had cancer with Wes (click the links if you haven’t!) Lets talk about how big this boy is getting!!




I know I haven’t posted past updates on Wes so here are some precious pictures of his 1-3 month old pictures!

1 Month
2 Months
3 Months


I know I am a little early talking about Wes’s 4 months, but I’m going back to work tomorrow! I know I will be EXHAUSTED! This mama is a bit nervous about going back. I’m a first grade teacher and just popping back into a class room with 20 first graders is intimidating! (you cant let them smell your fear!) I know they have been waiting for me to return and to see/hear all about my little one! I am excited to hear ALL the questions my little “friends” (as I call them) have for me. I know they will have LOTS of questions!

If I am returning to work that means that Wes is going to DAYCARE!!! NOOOOO!!!! I can’t believe he has to go to daycare! Unfortunately, I cannot stay home with him but maybe one day I will be able too! (hint hint hubby) Even though being a teacher is HARD WORK I am blessed and thankful for my job. I believe being a teacher is one of the best jobs for a mommy! I get most holidays off plus, we get summers off!


As we count down the days until summer I will update you on my little Wes man!

Almost 4 months

Lets start with sleeping… He was sleeping SO good until this past week! I think he is going through the “4 month regression” right now. He has been such a good sleeper since birth, so I am hoping he is just going through a growth spurt! Praying to get some relief soon! He LOVES to eat! This little chunker drinks 4-5 ounces ever 2 1/2ish hours. He was sleeping in his rock and play, but I just transitioned him to the crib (which could be another reason hes not sleeping so well). I absolutely love coming up to his crib at any point and seeing a HUGE smile on his face! Hes such a happy baby! It truly doesnt matter how tired I am, when I see him smile I just melt!!! Its absolutely adorable! He is starting to love his excer saucer! I also started giving him a few bites of baby oatmeal cereal. He pretty much spits everything out but we are so excited about the spoon! He loves to slobber. He loves putting toys and his hands in his mouth. He has giggled a few times but mommy can’t make him do it all the time (he’s probably tired of me tickling him). He is trying so hard to sit up on his own! He has awesome control of his head!

This weekend we will get all of Wes’s stuff together for his first big day at daycare. I pray he’s safe and I pray he loves his teachers. I know the good lord will be right by his side and mine as well, because I will be a MESS leaving him!

Any advice on getting through these first few weeks of leaving your little one and going back to work? Any advice on how I’m supposed to cook, clean, work, and baby??? #HusbandToTheRescue

Comment or message me your advice, or if your going through the same thing! I’d love to hear from you!

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  1. I’ll be praying for you! I couldn’t go back to work right away after any of mine even tho it was my intention. I applaud you! I’m praying he’s been saving his great sleeping for tonight so you will have plenty of rest for work!!!

  2. Four months…he’s grown so fast! Drop him off in VA and we’ll have a blast together 😍 Honey, you’ll be so busy with your little friends and their questions, stories, etc. that you won’t have time to worry 😉 and he’ll be just fine. The smile on his face when you arrive to get him will make your day. You have the best work schedule ever. You can do it my tough cookie 😘

  3. Char, it’s not easy but I went back to work when Wayne was about 3 months old out of necessity. I think I cried for about a week. With God’s help you can do it. Just look forward to summer break. It will be here soon. Praying for you all.

  4. OMG He is soooooo huugeeee 😍😍😍 Can’t wait to see him again!!! Well, the first weeks you will cry a little when you take him to daycare, which its normal, but then you will have 20 more kids waiting for you, making your day to go so fast, that when you get a chance to look at the clock, then will be time to go back to pick up Jr!!!!! 🙌🙌 Everything its going to be fine, you are our strong fighter!!!!! 😘😘 Love you!! have fun tomorrow!!!!

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