Tips for Traveling with an infant

Since my parent’s only live 3 hours away we are always packing up the car and taking mini road trips to Arlington. Wes is now 5 1/2 months old. We have been taking these road trips with him since he was probably a month old.  Traveling with a baby is serious work! You have to remember so many things! I am definitely one to forget something so I have to make a list of every little thing we will need.


The first tip is FEED your baby right before you leave. I know it doesn’t always workout this way but if you can that will be the best way to start your road trip! As soon as Wes gets in the car (especially with a full tummy) he falls right to sleep.

I usually have one diaper bag near by that has bottles, diapers, wipes, plastic bags, change of clothes, and burp clothes. My favorite diaper bag linked here! And its on SALE! I also pack another diaper bag/back pack that will have all of his extra clothes, bibs, burp clothes, baby monitor, and other non emergency things he will need.

If you are using formula you MUST have formula dispenser! Life saver! (Thanks to my aunt who got it for us!) We have 2 of them! Linked here! When baby is hungry we just have to pour the powder into the bottles that are already filled with water. It’s awesome!

 If you are pumping I have heard to purchase a car adapter or battery pack that way you can use to pump as you go! I will link those also!

One big tip that THANKFULLY has not happened to us yet, but I heard you should put a disposable changing pad underneath your baby in the car seat. That way if your baby has a blow out you will be able to just throw away the changing pad and keep on moving! Find those here!


Keep in mind that your baby wants to stretch out his legs just like you! So, when you stop for gas or bathroom break make sure you get your little out of the car so they can stretch also!


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