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During my recovery/maternity leave I was at home watching my daily drama filled talk shows. I was watching “The Real” when a beautiful women came on named Shannon Sylvain. Shannon shared this beautiful/heart breaking story. At 31 she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and survived. This story really touched my heart.

We’ve all heard that processed foods are bad. Sugar is bad. Balance is key for a healthy lifestyle. We’ve all watched the documentaries, but what are we doing anything about it?

I know my parents’ generation say “we never ate organic/non gmo and we turned out just fine”. They are probably right. But these days we really don’t know what we are eating, and cancer is rising in young adults.

Shannon Sylvain started a foundation called Brown Sugar Rehab. Which is a non profit organization to spread awareness for colon and rectal cancer and to educate people on excessive sugar consumption. After surviving stage IV cancer she is now living a plant based life style as well as no sugar. She is a firm believer that sugar FEEDS cancer. I have been told and have read so much about how sugar feeds cancer..

So, I’ve been dealing with how will I change my eating lifestyle? But how can I stop eating meat and sugar?! I literally eat it EVERYDAY.. It’s about to be Easter and I LOVE the egg peanut butter cups!!

But then I think of my little one… If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have ever found out I had cancer. I need to do this for him. He needs his mommy! I might not be able to cut out meat and sugar cold turkey but I will start by eating non processed food. I also have to STOP eating processed sugar. Its a must do. And as for meat… well,  I think I will do more research and just eat less of it for now.





Are you going through something similar? Are you living a plant based lifestyle?!  Please let me know! I’d love to hear from you!


Shannon’s Story is below!!







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  1. Amazing! I have a few resources I want to share with you. Our chiropractor is with Maximized Living and they are a whole body wellness type of business. Theyve helped treat cancer patients with Chiropractic care and dietary changes. So here are some books I’ve read they they have. These are hard to find to buy, but if you want one and can’t find it online let me know. I’ll get if for you in his office and send it to you! One is a nutrition book that helps you figure out how to eat without sugar abd gives you recipes. The other is how to kill cancer!

    Maximized Living Nutrition Plans

    The Cancer Killers (The Cause is the cure) by Dr. Charles Majors, Dr. Ben Lerner, Sayer Ji (2012) Paperback

    I just love what you’re doing with your blog!

  2. Stay Strong Charley! I’m believing this is just gonna be apart of your testimonial on How You BEAT CANCER. That will someday inspire someone else facing this.

    Your definitely in my prayers..

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