Chaney Life Update 08/2018

Hello Hello!!! It has been quite a while since I have just jumped on here and started typing! So this might be a long post! Or possibly not, depending on if Wes wakes up early from his nap! haha

Well, I have been enjoying my summer relaxing with Wes as well as starting up my new adventure with photography! If you havent noticed I have introduced another “tab” in my blog and its my portfolio! If you havent checked it out please do! I honestly didn’t think I would get so much buisness! Thanks to God I have been so busy and making a little extra cash! I have been enjoying meeting and interacting with my clients! Its truly been so fun! I get better with each session, so I have to keep at it! I have been trying to convince Jamison to pick up our other camera and start videography! (Is that how you say it?) Any ways, videographers can make some serious cash! We could be a husband and wife Dynamic Duo! Anyways, hes not into it….. lololol It was a good thought…

Now lets talk about my little man!!! Hes is just the cutest! He is now 8 months and almost 2 weeks! I know people always say that time goes by so fast, but THEY ARE NOT LYING!! How is he almost a year?! AHH Jamison and I are aboslutely smitten by this little man! He has the best personality!! He litterally laughs at everything! Or if he hears someone laughing he will start to giggle! Its the sweetest thing! So, of course J and I are constantly walking around doing dumb things to hear that sweet giggle!!

I have no clue how much he weighs but HE IS HEAVY! haha he has to be close to 20 pounds! He is also starting to ask for my food! He wants to eat everything I am eating! He pretty much has liked everything so far. I cant really think of anything he doesn’t like! Since we have gone plant based in our home I don’t give him anything with added sugar. (even though grandma let him have some ice cream!! NOT OK. But thats another story) We have been keeping it to fruits, veggies, and beans so far. If you’d like to read why we went plant based click here! Wes is CRAWLING EVERYWHERE!! This man is no joke! He would tear everything off the walls, drawers, tables, cabinets if I’d let him! He has even tried to crawl out of the doggy door! He is crazy!! haha so curious!!

So for his sleep routine… I think I finally got it down… After some serious research and help from a fellow mom I met online.. we conquered the “scary” sleep training. When you read online about “sleep training” there are so many opinions on it! How its torture and cruel. Well do you know what I think is torture and cruel? Waking up every hour to put a paci back in Wes’ mouth! No WAY! I had to do something. We were getting zero sleep. So I did alot of research, watched a lot of videos of other moms, and found an amazing mom online that was with me every step of the way! (join a mom group on facebook!) Im not lying when I say it took two days of sleep training and now we have ZERO issues with bedtime! Sure, the very first night was the worst but now I place him in his crib, he rolls over and puts him self to sleep. Wes and I are both sleeping through the night!! Thank you Lord!! hahaha If you want more information on how I slept trained Wes just let me know! Maybe I will write a post about it!

Last little update on the Chaney’s… We are still vegan! We both have lost a lot of weight! Jamison has lost around 20-25 pounds and I am below my pre preganacy weight! Well, Jamison now claims he’s “pescatarian”. Which is a vegetarian diet, but who also eats fish. So, I will say on forth of July I had crab legs!!! Ahhh lol And when we went to the beach I had oysters! But other than those couple of times. We have been eating plant based! It is definitely hard to be vegan and think you can eat out all the time. Not happening! I have to cook just about every meal! Pinterest has been an amazing resourse for our family! Jamison just recently bought me two vegan cookbooks, so I am excited to use them! Cooking was not my favorite thing but I have grown to really enjoy it. Some days better than others of course.


Well I managed to write this post with out Wes waking up from his nap!! Whoop Whoop! Til next time!



What topic would you want me to write about next?! 🙂

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  1. Loved your update and If Wes gets any sweeter and more beautiful I just don’t know how he can. Love these photos. Love you.

  2. Thanks titi!! I will cherish these moments for sure! Today I spend a little longer cooking dinner and then I got mad at myself bc that was time I could have spent with the baby!! lol

    Love you!!

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