Chaney Life Update 08/2018

Hello Hello!!! It has been quite a while since I have just jumped on here and started typing! So this might be a long post! Or possibly not, depending on if Wes wakes up early from his nap! haha

Well, I have been enjoying my summer relaxing with Wes as well as starting up my new adventure with photography! If you havent noticed I have introduced another “tab” in my blog and its my portfolio! If you havent checked it out please do! I honestly didn’t think I would get so much buisness! Thanks to God I have been so busy and making a little extra cash! I have been enjoying meeting and interacting with my clients! Its truly been so fun! I get better with each session, so I have to keep at it! I have been trying to convince Jamison to pick up our other camera and start videography! (Is that how you say it?) Any ways, videographers can make some serious cash! We could be a husband and wife Dynamic Duo! Anyways, hes not into it….. lololol It was a good thought…

Now lets talk about my little man!!! Hes is just the cutest! He is now 8 months and almost 2 weeks! I know people always say that time goes by so fast, but THEY ARE NOT LYING!! How is he almost a year?! AHH Jamison and I are aboslutely smitten by this little man! He has the best personality!! He litterally laughs at everything! Or if he hears someone laughing he will start to giggle! Its the sweetest thing! So, of course J and I are constantly walking around doing dumb things to hear that sweet giggle!!

I have no clue how much he weighs but HE IS HEAVY! haha he has to be close to 20 pounds! He is also starting to ask for my food! He wants to eat everything I am eating! He pretty much has liked everything so far. I cant really think of anything he doesn’t like! Since we have gone plant based in our home I don’t give him anything with added sugar. (even though grandma let him have some ice cream!! NOT OK. But thats another story) We have been keeping it to fruits, veggies, and beans so far. If you’d like to read why we went plant based click here! Wes is CRAWLING EVERYWHERE!! This man is no joke! He would tear everything off the walls, drawers, tables, cabinets if I’d let him! He has even tried to crawl out of the doggy door! He is crazy!! haha so curious!!

So for his sleep routine… I think I finally got it down… After some serious research and help from a fellow mom I met online.. we conquered the “scary” sleep training. When you read online about “sleep training” there are so many opinions on it! How its torture and cruel. Well do you know what I think is torture and cruel? Waking up every hour to put a paci back in Wes’ mouth! No WAY! I had to do something. We were getting zero sleep. So I did alot of research, watched a lot of videos of other moms, and found an amazing mom online that was with me every step of the way! (join a mom group on facebook!) Im not lying when I say it took two days of sleep training and now we have ZERO issues with bedtime! Sure, the very first night was the worst but now I place him in his crib, he rolls over and puts him self to sleep. Wes and I are both sleeping through the night!! Thank you Lord!! hahaha If you want more information on how I slept trained Wes just let me know! Maybe I will write a post about it!

Last little update on the Chaney’s… We are still vegan! We both have lost a lot of weight! Jamison has lost around 20-25 pounds and I am below my pre preganacy weight! Well, Jamison now claims he’s “pescatarian”. Which is a vegetarian diet, but who also eats fish. So, I will say on forth of July I had crab legs!!! Ahhh lol And when we went to the beach I had oysters! But other than those couple of times. We have been eating plant based! It is definitely hard to be vegan and think you can eat out all the time. Not happening! I have to cook just about every meal! Pinterest has been an amazing resourse for our family! Jamison just recently bought me two vegan cookbooks, so I am excited to use them! Cooking was not my favorite thing but I have grown to really enjoy it. Some days better than others of course.


Well I managed to write this post with out Wes waking up from his nap!! Whoop Whoop! Til next time!



What topic would you want me to write about next?! 🙂

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Bradshaw Family

This family is absoluetly precious! After a few popcicle bribes and a little patients we were able to get some really sweet pictures. Ashley and her husband run a network marketing business and are totally killing it! Ashley is the definition of MOM BOSS! If you haven’t checked out her website or instagram feed, you must! Shes is so inspiring!





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Tips for Traveling with an infant

Since my parent’s only live 3 hours away we are always packing up the car and taking mini road trips to Arlington. Wes is now 5 1/2 months old. We have been taking these road trips with him since he was probably a month old.  Traveling with a baby is serious work! You have to remember so many things! I am definitely one to forget something so I have to make a list of every little thing we will need.


The first tip is FEED your baby right before you leave. I know it doesn’t always workout this way but if you can that will be the best way to start your road trip! As soon as Wes gets in the car (especially with a full tummy) he falls right to sleep.

I usually have one diaper bag near by that has bottles, diapers, wipes, plastic bags, change of clothes, and burp clothes. My favorite diaper bag linked here! And its on SALE! I also pack another diaper bag/back pack that will have all of his extra clothes, bibs, burp clothes, baby monitor, and other non emergency things he will need.

If you are using formula you MUST have formula dispenser! Life saver! (Thanks to my aunt who got it for us!) We have 2 of them! Linked here! When baby is hungry we just have to pour the powder into the bottles that are already filled with water. It’s awesome!

 If you are pumping I have heard to purchase a car adapter or battery pack that way you can use to pump as you go! I will link those also!

One big tip that THANKFULLY has not happened to us yet, but I heard you should put a disposable changing pad underneath your baby in the car seat. That way if your baby has a blow out you will be able to just throw away the changing pad and keep on moving! Find those here!


Keep in mind that your baby wants to stretch out his legs just like you! So, when you stop for gas or bathroom break make sure you get your little out of the car so they can stretch also!


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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


This year has flown by! Can you believe it’s already May? Mothers day is THIS weekend! What?! Did you forget your Mother’s Day gift? Don’t worry I have you covered! I listed some of my favorite things that ALL mothers would LOVE! You can also send this link to your significant other and you are guaranteed a perfect gift this mothers day! 😉 I also listed some gifts for your own mother/mother in-law. Oh, and guess what?! They are all 2 DAY shipping, and under $25 dollars!




Bath and Body Works Aromatherapy Lotion: This lotion will give you LIFE. It’s an orange and ginger scent and OH MY GOSH I’m obsessed. The scent it is so refreshing and gives you a boost of energy. It will also keep your skin so moisturized ALL day! This is a MUST buy

14 Bath Bomb Gift Set These bath bombs are amazing! They are individually wrapped with a cute sticker explaining each heavenly scent. They are made for ALL ages. The best part is they are made in USA, premium ingredients, cruelty free, and vegan!

URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser Let’s just start with this diffuser is under $20 and has 41/2 stars on Amazon, with over 27,000 reviews! This Diffuser is AWESOME! Essential oils are so popular these days! Everyone is absolutely loving how soothing they are. My parents use this diffuser every night! They say they cannot sleep with out their soothing lavender! Give the gift of relaxation! I will also link our favorite oils!

Comfy Pajama Set Everyone LOVES a new set a pajamas, including ME! These pajamas are the softest pajamas you will find! Perfect for breast feeding also! They have 10 different colors/prints and all sizes! My favorite are the poka dots! 😉

Silk Pillow Case These are amazing! You will sleep like a baby, have LESS frizzy hair (especially if you have curly hair!), and it decreases face wrinkles! This is a perfect gift for mama since we get such a little sleep!

I Make Mommy Moves T-shirt Any Mom who knows Cardi B will love this T-shirt! I love graphic T shirts to pair with shorts or overalls in the summer!


What are some of your favorite Mother’s Day gifts?

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Wes is 5 Months!


Can you believe that Wes is already 5 months? I swear I start every post about Wes the same! BUT REALLY! Time goes by so fast with a little one.

He is starting to giggle so much more! I find myself doing crazy, obnoxious things just to hear that sweet giggle. He is grabbing ALL things and sticking them straight into his mouth, including his feet! He loves putting his little feet in his mouth. He also has found his tongue! He is constantly moving his tongue in and out. He recently started rolling all over the floor reaching for his toys. He loves and needs ALL of his mommy and daddy’s attention. I also discovered that he is OBSESSED with a certain version of ” Wheels On the Bus”! Any time he is upset or tired I play the song and he is asleep in minuets! Its crazy!

He is loving his teachers at school. Apparently he even has a little girlfriend! 😉 Some times he is in such a good mood in the mornings that it really makes me sad to leave him. Mommy doesn’t want to share his sweet snuggles and giggles! haha We really are so thankful for the teachers at his daycare. They are seriously so sweet and listen to all my needs and concerns. Thank you Lord!

Wes is still drinking around 5 ounces every three hours. We did start baby food, so he has been drinking a little less. We have been so excited about baby food! A lot of people have been telling me to make my own baby food but the best choice for my family right not is to simply buy it. I researched and found a great company called Beech Nut! All of there products are REAL fruit/vegetables. The only ingredient they use is the actual fruit/vegetable. Wes loves his greens and carrots! We might have to pay a little more but we will have a sane momma in the house!  Maybe during the summer when I am not working I can try it out.

Wes loves:

Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle : He absolutely loves this rattle! It’s so colorful, soft, and so easy for Wes to grab and put in his mouth! You can even stick it in the freezer to soothe your teething baby.

Baby Bandana Bib and Teething toy: I love these bibs because they are actually absorbent and super trendy! Wes loves them because attached is a teething toy for him to chew/play with.

Baby Einstein Rhythm of The Reef Activity Saucer:  He loves his saucer! We are always in it! I love this one because it has sounds and lights!

Fabric books with Crinkle Noise: We love our fabric/crinkle books that we can put in our mouth!

Rock and play: Yes, we are still sleeping in our rock and play at night! I will be out for summer in a month then I will start the process of transitioning him to his crib. So until then Wes and I absolutely LOVE the rock and play! He’s been in it since the day we brought him home from the hospital. HEAVEN sent!!

Pampers: We have been loving pampers! We have had zero blow outs or leaks! LOVE

3-Stage Deluxe SuperSeat : Wes loves to be sitting up and checking out what everyone is doing, so this seat his perfect for him! I sit him in here when I can cooking or cleaning. I even feed him in his seat sometimes! We use it ALL the time!






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Forks Over Knives

This week marks my 4th week back at work. Such an amazing blessing! I remember being so nervous on the eve of my first day back. I have been learning how to manage working, taking care of a baby, cooking, cleaning, and everything in between. So I apologize for slacking on the posts! Jamison and I have been going to sleep so early during the week. We are exhausted. Wes is still not sleeping through the night. He will be turning 5 months next week and I’m praying that once we start baby food it will be the key to sleeping all night. I will keep you posted!

Jamison and I watched a documentary called Forks Over Knives. It was pretty inspiring. We learned so much about how food can heal your body from diseases and cancer! If you haven’t read my cancer story click here! Anyways, we have been vegan/plant based for a little over 2 weeks. Sounds crazy right?! Yes I thought so also! But with pinterest and youtube there are SO many resources to help us succeed with this life style. I don’t think Jamison will be vegan for ever (he loves steak and queso too much!) but I think It will be good for him to give it a break every now and then. I am so thankful that he has been so supportive throughout this decision I have made. 

I know some of you are thinking YOU ARE CRAZY! I thought it was crazy also, but I do not want to cut my life short because I’d rather have a steak than a salad. I was not put on this earth to live for food!

Here are some of my favorite plant based recipes that we have made so far! And NOT one is a salad!!

Also, this is the link to my plant based recipes Pinterest board. I am constantly adding to it. Follow it to find some healthy alternatives!


If you try these out or have any great vegan/plant based recipes comment or send me a message!

Stuffed bell peppers!

Super easy and SO GOOD! Awesome weeknight meal. Love to top it with some guac! (vegan, gluten-free0.

Sheet Pan Cauliflower fajitas

Easy Sheet Pan Vegan Cauliflower Fajitas.

Vegan Chili (My favorite!)

Avocado, Garbanzo Bean Wrap (Jamison’s favorite!)

I made these and the avocado mixture was really strong, but so filling I only needed half. I will make it again and maybe make a few changes.

Plant based Pancakes ( We loved these!)

Fluffy Vegan Pancakes without Bananas {gluten-free and oil-free}



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Lifestyle Change

During my recovery/maternity leave I was at home watching my daily drama filled talk shows. I was watching “The Real” when a beautiful women came on named Shannon Sylvain. Shannon shared this beautiful/heart breaking story. At 31 she was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer and survived. This story really touched my heart.

We’ve all heard that processed foods are bad. Sugar is bad. Balance is key for a healthy lifestyle. We’ve all watched the documentaries, but what are we doing anything about it?

I know my parents’ generation say “we never ate organic/non gmo and we turned out just fine”. They are probably right. But these days we really don’t know what we are eating, and cancer is rising in young adults.

Shannon Sylvain started a foundation called Brown Sugar Rehab. Which is a non profit organization to spread awareness for colon and rectal cancer and to educate people on excessive sugar consumption. After surviving stage IV cancer she is now living a plant based life style as well as no sugar. She is a firm believer that sugar FEEDS cancer. I have been told and have read so much about how sugar feeds cancer..

So, I’ve been dealing with how will I change my eating lifestyle? But how can I stop eating meat and sugar?! I literally eat it EVERYDAY.. It’s about to be Easter and I LOVE the egg peanut butter cups!!

But then I think of my little one… If it wasn’t for him I don’t think I would have ever found out I had cancer. I need to do this for him. He needs his mommy! I might not be able to cut out meat and sugar cold turkey but I will start by eating non processed food. I also have to STOP eating processed sugar. Its a must do. And as for meat… well,  I think I will do more research and just eat less of it for now.





Are you going through something similar? Are you living a plant based lifestyle?!  Please let me know! I’d love to hear from you!


Shannon’s Story is below!!







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Wes 4 month update






Well my sweet baby boy, will be 4 months in 4 days! WHAT?! 4 months?! I cannot believe it has been 4 months. It definitely has been the craziest 4 months of my life. Now that you’ve read my birth story, and how I found out I had cancer with Wes (click the links if you haven’t!) Lets talk about how big this boy is getting!!




I know I haven’t posted past updates on Wes so here are some precious pictures of his 1-3 month old pictures!

1 Month
2 Months
3 Months


I know I am a little early talking about Wes’s 4 months, but I’m going back to work tomorrow! I know I will be EXHAUSTED! This mama is a bit nervous about going back. I’m a first grade teacher and just popping back into a class room with 20 first graders is intimidating! (you cant let them smell your fear!) I know they have been waiting for me to return and to see/hear all about my little one! I am excited to hear ALL the questions my little “friends” (as I call them) have for me. I know they will have LOTS of questions!

If I am returning to work that means that Wes is going to DAYCARE!!! NOOOOO!!!! I can’t believe he has to go to daycare! Unfortunately, I cannot stay home with him but maybe one day I will be able too! (hint hint hubby) Even though being a teacher is HARD WORK I am blessed and thankful for my job. I believe being a teacher is one of the best jobs for a mommy! I get most holidays off plus, we get summers off!


As we count down the days until summer I will update you on my little Wes man!

Almost 4 months

Lets start with sleeping… He was sleeping SO good until this past week! I think he is going through the “4 month regression” right now. He has been such a good sleeper since birth, so I am hoping he is just going through a growth spurt! Praying to get some relief soon! He LOVES to eat! This little chunker drinks 4-5 ounces ever 2 1/2ish hours. He was sleeping in his rock and play, but I just transitioned him to the crib (which could be another reason hes not sleeping so well). I absolutely love coming up to his crib at any point and seeing a HUGE smile on his face! Hes such a happy baby! It truly doesnt matter how tired I am, when I see him smile I just melt!!! Its absolutely adorable! He is starting to love his excer saucer! I also started giving him a few bites of baby oatmeal cereal. He pretty much spits everything out but we are so excited about the spoon! He loves to slobber. He loves putting toys and his hands in his mouth. He has giggled a few times but mommy can’t make him do it all the time (he’s probably tired of me tickling him). He is trying so hard to sit up on his own! He has awesome control of his head!

This weekend we will get all of Wes’s stuff together for his first big day at daycare. I pray he’s safe and I pray he loves his teachers. I know the good lord will be right by his side and mine as well, because I will be a MESS leaving him!

Any advice on getting through these first few weeks of leaving your little one and going back to work? Any advice on how I’m supposed to cook, clean, work, and baby??? #HusbandToTheRescue

Comment or message me your advice, or if your going through the same thing! I’d love to hear from you!

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Wes’s Birth Story: C-section and NICU Baby

Jamison Wes Chaney II was born Friday, November 24, 2017… But before I talk about the best day of my life I need to go back a couple of days.

It was the week of Thanksgiving! I was ready to EAT! I was 37 weeks pregnant when I went in for my weekly OBGYN appointment. I shared with the doctor that I discovered a huge lump on the side of my neck. That lump is the start of my birth story! If you want to read how I found out, I had cancer at 37 weeks pregnant click here! But this post is NOT about cancer! It’s about the birth of my beautiful baby boy!!

Wednesday, November 22, we found out that my lump was something serious. The doctors decided to induce me. I specifically remember my doctor saying “hopefully we don’t have to induce you because that can be a LONG process for a new mom”. I did not want to be induced, but I couldn’t believe they were really going to start the process! I was so nervous, yet excited that soon we will get to meet our little boy.

2 days go by and barely any progress. I’ve had a million nurses come in and “check my cervix”. That was truly miserable. I remember thinking, “forget about the contractions, if one more person checks my cervix I might have to kill them!!” haha. But, seriously! After my morning nurse checked my freaking cervix (again) I was barley 3 centimeters! It had been 2 days! I told her that I NEEDED the epidural. Not because of the contractions but no one else was checking my DANG CERVIX without the epidural! She understood, and next thing I know the anesthesiologist was walking through the door. I began to freak out! Am I really about to get this scary epidural that everyone talks about?!!! YUP! It’s happening!! I told my husband not to look, make faces or make any noises that would freak me out! He stayed calm, thank God! haha It wasn’t painful or as scary as everyone says. The worst part was them telling me I have to bend over with a huge baby in my belly! Bending over at 37 weeks pregnant is NOT an easy task!

I laid down and everything slowly started to go numb. I noticed that my nurse started calling in other nurses to look at the monitor. They told me I need to lay on my side because the my baby “wasn’t happy”. His heart rate started to slow down. They put me on oxygen and kept rolling me from side to side. Eventually, the nurse hands me the phone and tells me the doctor wants to speak with me… The doctor tells me the baby is stressed out. He says that we can wait a little longer, or we can just have a C-section and my son will be out in 30 minutes… I decided to have the C-section.

As soon as I hung up with the doctor, not even 5 minutes later about 10 nurses walk into the room. They start prepping my husband and I before we go into the operating room. My family was in the room with us, we all said a prayer together, even the nurses joined in our prayer (which was awesome!). Then, they rolled me out of the room and we headed to the operating room.

If I didn’t say we were TERRIFIED I would be lying. We were pretty scared! We had no idea what to expect! I was not planning on having a C-section…My husband had to change over then he would meet me in the OR. As they pushed me through the doors of the OR, it was just like the movies. A bright white room with tons of people in scrubs working on me like a pit crew changing a tire. My body was trembling. My mom did tell me that the medicine they give me will make me shake, but she forgot to tell my poor husband that. He did not like seeing me shake! My intention is not to scare any future mommies! This was just our first baby and we were so scared of the unknown!

 As soon as they started the surgery I was telling myself “I can do all things through Christ!”, “I can do this and WILL get through it!”. Did I mention I was terrified?? Well I was! haha But I felt zero pain and the nurses and doctors were constantly making sure I was ok, and telling me every step they were doing. About 5 minutes into the surgery they told me “ok your going to feel some tugging and pulling” (which terrified me) but moments later I heard the most beautiful cries I’ve ever heard!! The nurse brought our baby to us, and I started bawling! I couldn’t believe how perfect he was! It was the most incredible moment of my life! I can’t believe God chose us to be the parents of this baby!! It was truly AMAZING!

My husband went with the nurse as they cleaned Wes up a little. I remember thinking HURRY up and get me out of here!! I was so ready to be out of the OR and back with my baby and family. The entire surgery was about 25 minutes! It was so fast!

They took Wes to give him his first bath and brought me to the recovery room. (THANK GOD I was out of Surgery!!!) I told my husband that he could go with the baby and leave me here to sleep. I was exhausted. About 30 minutes later they brought my baby boy to me! I was so freaking excited that I finally was going to be able to hold him! I also got to feed him! I LOVED absolutely everything about this moment. 

After about an hour in recovery, we headed back to my room where our families were. I am so thankful that both or our families dropped everything to be there for Jamison and I. My parents had a huge Thanksgiving party going on at their house. There was at least 20 people coming to their house for thanksgiving and they left everything to be by my side. Jamison’s family flew in that morning and made it to the hospital moments after baby Wes was born! We were so happy they were there. They were so excited to be able to hold their first grandchild on both sides!

My incision wasn’t hurting too bad. Just a constant annoying burn. They told me I would be walking by the next day?! I thought they were crazy! However, that first night I felt that I was bleeding. I told the nurse I needed to be “changed” (as if I was the baby) she said, “I can change you but you are going to have to walk to the bathroom”. So, I walked to the bathroom! With a lot of help from the nurse it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be.

I do have to brag on my husband a little! He definitely took care of us that first night. I was not able to get out of bed without help, so every feeding time Jamison would get up, change the diaper, (which he had never changed a real diaper before!) then hand me Wes so I could feed him. After he was fed, Jamison would place the baby back in his bed…Well, it did not go that smoothly… We did not go in that order the first few nights! We had no clue what we were doing, so it was more like; feed baby, place baby down, baby would cry, rock baby, realize baby needs a diaper change, rock baby, FINALLY baby fell asleep…. 2 hours later, repeat! We didn’t care though, we were so happy we had our baby!

It was our 3rd day at the hospital. I mentioned to the nurses that when we would change Wes’s diaper his leg would shake, a lot. They said that was normal for babies, so we thought nothing of it. The nurse practitioner came to check on our baby and she noticed his leg shaking. She told us that sometimes that is a sign of low blood sugar. They checked his sugar and it was in the 20’s. They wanted his blood sugar to be at least 60. They told me to feed him and they would check again. When they checked again, it was in the 20’s. They told me they had to admit him into the NICU. I was devastated. What did I do wrong? I was breastfeeding! The healthiest thing you could do! I could not believe our beautiful baby boy was going to have to be in the NICU. 

At this point, I had 2 more days of recovering from the C-section, so every 3 hours I would get wheeled down to the NICU to feed my baby. I also was in the middle of finding out that I had thyroid cancer. My hormones were ALL over the place. My poor husband had never seen me cry so much. It was hard. It was so sad seeing our little baby attached to so many monitors and huge IV in his little hand. I was having a hard time not blaming myself. What was wrong with my breastmilk? How did I not know?

I just tried my hardest stay positive because we knew he was in the best hands. I prayed and thanked the Lord for giving the doctors wisdom to check his sugar before us going home. I knew the good lord was right by our side and watching over us.

After, 5 days in the NICU we get a call from the nurse saying bring your car seat! Wes is going home!! We couldn’t even believe it!! Jamison ran to the car and grabbed the car seat. I changed his little outfit, we hugged our nurses, and we RAN to the car!! We were so excited and thankful that we were actually going to bring home our baby boy!

We spent a total of 8 days in the hospital. I was a patient for 5 days, and for the rest we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. We were so thankful for the Ronald McDonald house! If you get a chance to donate to them, please do! It was such a blessing during our difficult time.

This was quite the experience! I wouldn’t change it for the world. I cannot wait until the day my husband and I get to tell our son the story of his birth! Such a special time for Mommy and Daddy! We love you Wes.


Can’t wait to do it all over again 😉 shhh don’t tell my husband!

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Cancer at 37 Weeks Pregnant

Where do I even begin…. 2017 was probably the most eventful year of my whole life.


For this post, lets just start at 37 weeks pregnant…

I was putting on my makeup when I looked down and noticed a huge lump on the side of my neck. I called my mom and of course, she thought I was being dramatic and said, it was more than likely “hormones”. I figured she was probably right and  thought nothing of it.

I went to my regular weekly check up with my OBGYN on Wednesday November, 22 (just 4 days after I noticed the lump). My doctor immediately scheduled me a sonogram to make sure it was “nothing serious”.  I received a sonogram and they told me that my doctor would be in contact. Again, I thought nothing of it and continued home.

It was around 5pm that same afternoon when I received a call. I knew it was serious because when I answered, it wasn’t the usual nurse that calls me after a test to assure me that everything was ok… It was my doctor.  My heart immediately dropped. She said, “We are going to need you to pack a bag and come to the hospital tonight”. I could tell she didn’t want to use the word “cancer” because they had no real proof, but I knew that’s what she was leaning towards.

I bawled. I didn’t want to believe that I COULD ACTUALLY have cancer! There is just no way! I have been completely healthy! Zero symptoms of being sick!! Plus, the OBGYN had taken my blood a million times and had never noticed anything odd with my blood count?! I was so upset. I wiped my tears, and continued to remind myself that God was by my side. There was absolutely nothing I could do so, freaking out was not going to help the situation. (Even though I was having MAJOR anxiety) I needed to pull it together for my baby. He could feel everything I was feeling, so I tried my hardest to calm down and tell myself that this was all in God’s hands. Everything was going to be ok.

I immediately called my husband and told him the news. I changed into some comfy clothes, put our suitcases in the car, (Of course, I had the bags already packed and ready to go just in case baby came early. That will be another post!) grabbed the car seat and we headed to the hospital.

This was not supposed to be my birthing story but finding out I have cancer was a major part of it.  I will continue my birth story in my next post but for now lets fast-forward a couple of days.

Friday, November 24, 2017 I had a beautiful healthy baby boy! His name is Jamison Wes Chaney II. He is perfect in every way. I couldn’t believe that God chose me to be the mother of the most beautiful baby boy! We were so overjoyed with happiness.

The following Monday I went upstairs to get a biopsy of my neck. I was terrified! I couldn’t figure out if I was freaking out because of the fact that I might have cancer, postpartum hormones, or the scalpel that was going to my neck! I had too constantly tell myself “God is in control”, and “I can do all things through Christ”. I repeated that over, and over again. It was the only way I would not have a complete melt down.

The next day I went to my OBGYN to hear the results from the biopsy.


Thyroid Cancer.


She starts to explain that thyroid cancer is the “best” cancer to have if you have to have cancer…? I guess that’s good news? They wanted me to recover from my C-section before we start talking about surgery. I got scheduled for a cat scan and we would go from there…

At this point my baby was in the NICU because he had low blood sugar, my postpartum hormones were ALL over the place, and I just found out I had cancer! My husband and I were physically, and emotionally drained. We knew my cancer was the “best” cancer there was so, we weren’t too concerned about it. Our prayers were over our little boy who was fighting a different fight. All we wanted was for him to be healthy, and for us to be able to take him home.

A few weeks go by… I went to see a specialized thyroid surgeon. She pulls up my cat scan report and starts to explain the worst news. She tells me that I have a lot of cancer. The cancer had spread to both sides of my neck and down into my chest. She explains, “That this will not be an average thyroid removal procedure”. I remember her going into full detail of how she will be removing the cancer, all of the nerves she could “possibly cut” and the side effects if she does cut those nerves.  She told me it was going to be a 9 hour surgery, that they were going to have to cut down my chest, through my sternum. She kept using the words “the extent of your disease”, and going on and on for an 80 min appointment that felt like eternity. I cried and cried throughout the entire appointment. One of the hardest things I ever had to sit through.

I remember being so mad at my mom because she didn’t go with me to that appointment. I always call my mom for EVERYTHING, but even after hearing the worst news I’ve ever heard I was going to be “too proud” to call her. But of course God had a different plan. As soon as I walk out of my appointment, my phone starts ringing and it’s my step dad. My step dad always has the right things to say in the most difficult situations.  He reminded me that this is God’s plan and I WILL have to fight and I WILL beat this. He told me the devil wants you to be mad at your mom, he wants you to think you can do this on your own. But you cannot. You need to forgive your mom, because we have to fight together. So, that is exactly what I did. I surrounded myself around family, and kept my mind busy. I knew that I would beat this and it would become a testimony I would be able to share with the world one day.

December 27th 2017 was the day of my surgery. Again, I was TERRIFIED! I had to keep reminding myself that this was God’s plan, and that I can do all things through Christ. I repeated those two sayings in my head constantly. My husband does a good job staying calm, and keeping us calm. I was trying to be like him. Trying so hard not to think about leaving my baby, and having this HUGE surgery.

We said a final prayer before I went back, and the last thing I remember were the doctors asking about my baby boy… 10 hours later I woke up with no complications, and feeling like an elephant had sat on my chest! I was so thankful I had made it out of the surgery, my entire family was there waiting for me, and everything was ok.

I ended up spending 5 days in the hospital including spending our first New Years without our baby boy. Even though I was terribly sad I couldn’t spend it with him, I could only be thankful and give thanks to the good Lord for all the blessings he had given me this year. I have a great job, I got married to my amazing husband, I gave birth to an amazing little boy, we bought a house, and after a ten-hour surgery, they removed ALL cancer that was visible! So many blessings!

New Years Eve 2017

Today is February 26th 2018. I am sitting in my room isolated from the world during my radiation treatment. Again, I am forced to be away from my baby.  I am so thankful for my wonderful father and my wonderful mother in Law; they dropped everything and flew in to help during this difficult time. I have to constantly remind myself that this might be difficult now, but it will be worth everything in the long run. I have to keep fighting for my little one.   I know that God has a greater plan for my family, and he will be right by my side the entire time.

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